Northwest Recycling has a large variety of steel road plates for rent to meet the need of any size job. We provide specialized picking gear that picks the steel plates from its center point in order to make maneuvering our steel plates quick, safe and easy. Our steel plates are all 1″ thick and have picking eyes on all sides of each plate. We have the ability to deliver or you can come pick them up. If we deliver the customer is responsible for unloading our driver on your job site and reloading our truck when our driver is picking up. If you come pick them up we can load and unload your truck. We have steel plates that are 10′ wide to 4′ wide and many sizes in between.

Most common steel plate sizes:

8×20 / 8×12 / 8×10 / 6×10 / 6×8 / 8×10 Rumble Plates

Quick reference steel plate weight calculator:

Length x Width x 40 lbs = weight of the steel plate.

Example: 8×20 steel plate is 8 x 20 x 40 = 6,400 lbs